SILENT ASSASSIN! (Hitman 3, Episode 2)

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Typical Gamer

Ай мурун

Hitman 3 ending episode 2 gameplay walkthrough livestream with Typical Gamer!
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1325 are 9118
Fosterthorpe90 Ahmed
Fosterthorpe90 Ahmed 5 күн мурун
bro i mite get this game
Epicboom Games
Epicboom Games 12 күн мурун
Bruuuuuhhh bring ark back bruh.😭😭😭
Kyla Kubiszyn
Kyla Kubiszyn 14 күн мурун
There might be a agent 48 some day good bye agent 47 :( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
Kyla Kubiszyn
Kyla Kubiszyn 14 күн мурун
Good bye agent 47
LockGotCovidd 16 күн мурун
Double D Drames
Double D Drames 17 күн мурун
that padded room on the secret ending is the same room you start in on the very first hitman game.
Everette Buggs
Everette Buggs 17 күн мурун
Do it at the right time and don’t good to come out but those are the homeless people and then go to coins and both of them and see if they both pick them up so you can put them in the dinghy
Fort Nite
Fort Nite 20 күн мурун
tg h
Evan Booth
Evan Booth 20 күн мурун
Who else misses old TG when he played things other than fortnite
Fifa 21 squad Builders
Fifa 21 squad Builders 21 күн мурун
Where U got shot
Landen Brousseau
Landen Brousseau 23 күн мурун
This is dumb killlllllllllllll
That One Rahul
That One Rahul 26 күн мурун
Man he misses such easy Assassinations like I could think of 10 ways to not get noticed but he wastes time just running around
charles burns-miller
charles burns-miller 27 күн мурун
I really do miss the old TG but now all we get is fortnite content and he barely did any of the story missions properly I mean it’s cool to see a change every now and then but idk bring back gta
TurboNutBuster 28 күн мурун
Ce faci 1:59:25
raechel hill
raechel hill 28 күн мурун
Play mlb rode to the show ps5
Matthew George
Matthew George 29 күн мурун
2:40:01 Brutality
historyfoot 22
historyfoot 22 Ай мурун
Yahiya Khan
Yahiya Khan Ай мурун
Cringing starts from 57:42
Oluchi Ibeawuchi
Oluchi Ibeawuchi Ай мурун
Camora Fan
Camora Fan Ай мурун
WTH TG you can't tell that Hush is not a chick? How blind are white ppl with Asian faces!?
BLUE_RIDER3615 yt :
BLUE_RIDER3615 yt : Ай мурун
Yo your taking like slow if I was you I shoot them like pew pew pew pew epepepepepeepp
ANUSHKA Dabas Ай мурун
*The secret ending explanation * In the first ever game of hitman trilogy, agent 47 starts in the same room as the secret ending one which means that after taking the serum he is in a infinite loop of his life which he cant escape and the provedence won because now hitman is in a inevitable suffering and there would be no hitman afterwards 😔
Damian Hauschultz
Damian Hauschultz Ай мурун
You put him in a wood chipper
itri tissakht
itri tissakht Ай мурун
nice series but ya know if you took it more seriously it would be a lot more fun, there is a lot more to this game than just the story but then again the whole time you played people were asking for fortnite
Im clocks
Im clocks Ай мурун
Just beat hitman 3 and I beat hitman 2 yesterday and I was watching your videos while I beat them. Good job tg!
El sayed Adham
El sayed Adham Ай мурун
Nancy chawntung Vaiphei
Nancy chawntung Vaiphei Ай мурун
Assassin creed valhala
Im clocks
Im clocks Ай мурун
Tg to kill hush in the chair you got to kill the girl that tells hush to take a break. Then you get back in the chair and don’t resist and then it kills him.
Liezle Cupido
Liezle Cupido Ай мурун
Can u play more CoD TG
itri tissakht
itri tissakht Ай мурун
it is called silent assassin not warn the whole f**ing building assassin lol
Small Giraffe
Small Giraffe Ай мурун
Conn Sean
Conn Sean Ай мурун
scans the qr code and gets rick rolled
Mr. ordinary
Mr. ordinary Ай мурун
Did any one noticed 47 got hair when he disguised himself as a worker in 2:07:00
Barnnard,Chun Wang Chan
Barnnard,Chun Wang Chan Ай мурун
love u tg from hong kong
Maria G
Maria G Ай мурун
Play call of duty Cold War zombies plz
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor Ай мурун
Y’all ever realized, how Agent 47 can literally fit into anyone’s clothes!? Like is everyone the same size 🤣
Migi Muñoz
Migi Muñoz 2 күн мурун
Magic size changing powers??.
Scott Verdi
Scott Verdi 29 күн мурун
Ever heard of fiction
Turd Curd
Turd Curd Ай мурун
Ok so you are a fortnite boy
latavious Johnson
latavious Johnson Ай мурун
What will Andre every do without that coin😅😅😂😂😂
Darknite29 Ай мурун
The movement and the quality in this game is worst than anime only cause TG playing it..
Darknite29 Ай мурун
@Da'Shawn Ballard yh b
Darknite29 Ай мурун
@__yvngkxndrick__ yh thats what i mean
Da'Shawn Ballard
Da'Shawn Ballard Ай мурун
true but anime be lit tho
__yvngkxndrick__ Ай мурун
anime fire tho what u mean?
Real Pallbearer lil Top
Real Pallbearer lil Top Ай мурун
Bro I’m the longest member
carissa inniss
carissa inniss Ай мурун
yo your my favrit youtube vid i love yourvid
Agnes Twum
Agnes Twum Ай мурун
Alia intro playz muselk sucks
Brandy Ryan
Brandy Ryan Ай мурун
its storminator
its storminator Ай мурун
BS42 Ай мурун
When theres variety no youtuber comes close to him without a doubt
SmokinLegend Ай мурун
95% of his content is fortnite, yea variety is his specialty.
red alpha wolf
red alpha wolf Ай мурун
Sometimes you have to run and gun
Redwingsfan 71
Redwingsfan 71 Ай мурун
Today is my birthday
Iven Chuang
Iven Chuang Ай мурун
Yes more random games
Dhandev Kammath
Dhandev Kammath Ай мурун
It's funny they think there's homeless people in china 😄 which eradicated poverty completely!! Anyway TG is ❤️
Nethan Hannibal
Nethan Hannibal Ай мурун
Do more episodes on hitman. Let's make tg do another video 😂😉💯
Who Ask
Who Ask Ай мурун
Lyle Hicks
Lyle Hicks Ай мурун
Derek Dillard
Derek Dillard Ай мурун
Really sucks when a new game that TG plays gets underrated views and likes. Lots of OG viewers can't wait for times like this.. A change. But the fortnite community only wants to see him play Fortnite. Really sucks. Miss the old TG.
• Zealot •
• Zealot • 3 күн мурун
Yeah old tg was better
Landen Brousseau
Landen Brousseau 23 күн мурун
No fort it’s
The legendary Super Saiyan Broly
The legendary Super Saiyan Broly 27 күн мурун
@RHAZES ILAN og means original gangster pretty much slang for saying the real ones
Derek Dillard
Derek Dillard 27 күн мурун
@RHAZES ILAN Just meaning original really. Original viewers that was watching TG stream before it was pretty much just constant Fortnite streams.
RHAZES ILAN 27 күн мурун
Caleb Vanhouten-murphy
Caleb Vanhouten-murphy Ай мурун
Part 3
Crackedmom24 Ай мурун
You are my favorite youtuber
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez Ай мурун
Alek Henderson
Alek Henderson Ай мурун
play division 2
Jake Ай мурун
Play rainbow 6 siege
XVerified capalot-
XVerified capalot- Ай мурун
Who remembers when he use to do gta five mods
Wayne Gray
Wayne Gray Ай мурун
Did u know its not over yet there a secret end to game and it set up for hitman 4
04Superwolf Ай мурун
The reason his views are low on these is because he’s now a fortnite channel and most unsubscribed that were into this stuff
Melly WRLD
Melly WRLD Ай мурун
Bro TG its hitman you gotta kill its what he does
El sayed Adham
El sayed Adham Ай мурун
Play forza horizon 4
YT_ Quin_BTW
YT_ Quin_BTW Ай мурун
Play RUST tg Plz
SOLO S.N.F Ай мурун
Nunu Knight
Nunu Knight Ай мурун
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez Ай мурун
Been here for 5 years I watch all the hitman and gta mods keep up the good work love your vids
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez Ай мурун
Love this series
DaRealMiniToon Ай мурун
YO i did not know this was out
Richard Hughes
Richard Hughes Ай мурун
I miss watching TG but only thing I ever see is fort nite and it get boring watching that old game
David Woolridge
David Woolridge Ай мурун
good to know andre still plays games other than fortnite
Zechariah Cline
Zechariah Cline Ай мурун
With the homeless guy, maybe subdue him on the bridge and then subdue the person at the water? Change clothes with him and then dump both in the river?
Kaden Jefferson
Kaden Jefferson Ай мурун
i agree with varun shanker
XxNightmarexX _PR
XxNightmarexX _PR Ай мурун
Play more games Fortnite is aight and all but it’s been 3 years of Fortnite it would be nice to have some variety also what happened to GTA V Cayo Perico Heist part 2??
The Goose
The Goose Ай мурун
Ghost Agency
Ghost Agency Ай мурун
Void guy has to shutup
Lucas Hemmings
Lucas Hemmings Ай мурун
I wanted to scream every time he asked if he could kill the guards on last like read the damn screen dude like you could of literally shot and just threw them off the train
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez Ай мурун
Why do you talk too much Spanish?
Phillipa Roden
Phillipa Roden Ай мурун
Andre it would make my year if you replied back to this
Austin Jurgens
Austin Jurgens Ай мурун
Play the last of us with samara like you did 3 years ago
aj warner
aj warner Ай мурун
Tg the best
Joel Jimenez
Joel Jimenez Ай мурун
Anthony Brock
Anthony Brock Ай мурун
If you played the first hitman you would know that the jacket that he was wearing when he got off the train was when he first started.
Pranav Manoj
Pranav Manoj Ай мурун
Pls play more GTA V vehicle customisations...
Ishaan Udeshi
Ishaan Udeshi Ай мурун
Maybe next time play valorant!
Not Brandon O'connor
Not Brandon O'connor Ай мурун
Davion Harris
Davion Harris Ай мурун
Go to hell
Ace Gamer
Ace Gamer Ай мурун
HEY TYPICAL FANS! Im a great fan of Typical gamer, he inspired me to start off my own youtube channel, please guys come check it out and be sure to subscribe, thank you so much
Alpha Cloak
Alpha Cloak Ай мурун
When is rust part 2?
Terrance Smith
Terrance Smith Ай мурун
can you stab a person with brick like in hobs and shah 😊
Connor Childe
Connor Childe Ай мурун
Nathaniel Murumba
Nathaniel Murumba Ай мурун
The code was 0188
Bright Nyarko
Bright Nyarko Ай мурун
You can shoot the chandlir which will kill the guard and then shoot the other one in the seat.
Justin Ellenbecker
Justin Ellenbecker Ай мурун
Can you do Rouge Company
Petteri Koskivaara
Petteri Koskivaara Ай мурун
Play ARK with mods.
Kirsty Jones
Kirsty Jones Ай мурун
janiyah tindley
janiyah tindley Ай мурун
i love typical gamer
PlasmaCubeX Ай мурун
When will you play more cyberpunk
Ruchard Posthumus
Ruchard Posthumus Ай мурун
Can ypu play spiderman shatter dimension
avery bakes
avery bakes Ай мурун
Bruh tg u are insane
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