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Typical Gamer

Ай мурун

New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 solo gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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NovaGod 17 күн мурун
Hi tg I love your vids watch them everyday it would mean the world to me and many others if you could please bring back "GTA 5" like if you agree please
Dawn Bernardo
Dawn Bernardo Ай мурун
Donyelle Robison
Donyelle Robison Ай мурун
Can you play random dous again like so he can see
Shdws on 70HZ _
Shdws on 70HZ _ Ай мурун
Jaylen Huertas
Jaylen Huertas Ай мурун
I like that I’m playing fortnite to
DB Center Gaming
DB Center Gaming Ай мурун
Too bad Fortnite is dead but I still watch sometimes 😒
Rayyan OMG
Rayyan OMG Ай мурун
Can any one sub to me I feel soo sick I eat less I am more tired 😓 so can I get 100 subs
Yourgirlasia _prettygirl
Yourgirlasia _prettygirl Ай мурун
Jared Smith
Jared Smith Ай мурун
T g I lost my first tooth
Keyaan Badiane
Keyaan Badiane Ай мурун
this is cool
Katie Kraus
Katie Kraus Ай мурун
I love you so much and tell samara I said hi
VEER Sharma
VEER Sharma Ай мурун
This is the number of people who miss his gta mods
Connor Taylor
Connor Taylor Ай мурун
My epic account is Cjtaylor2008
Fortnite GG
Fortnite GG Ай мурун
Jesus TPgamer you sure do love to be in that storm🤨😡
Filip Atanaskovic
Filip Atanaskovic Ай мурун
David Kolajo
David Kolajo Ай мурун
Hi typical gamer. Can you gift me a skin my user name is ThatFlyChris
Hanging out with Anthony Battaglia
Hanging out with Anthony Battaglia Ай мурун
𝙵𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚐𝚞𝚢𝚜 𝚜𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚘𝚗 2 𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚜 𝚝𝚘𝚍𝚊𝚢!
Kara and Liam Show
Kara and Liam Show Ай мурун
He’s using macros
Jumper girl
Jumper girl Ай мурун
Shanice Lindsey
Shanice Lindsey Ай мурун
can you give me a skin
Annie Martin
Annie Martin Ай мурун
Zareth Cifuentes
Zareth Cifuentes Ай мурун
Yo I love you tg your the best 👌
Yukinara Norwood
Yukinara Norwood Ай мурун
The location for the emote as stark has changed 2 stark industries suit lab
Miranda Appleton
Miranda Appleton Ай мурун
Miranda Appleton
Miranda Appleton Ай мурун
Souz Ай мурун
Souz Ай мурун
Souz Ай мурун
imagine imagine imagine
Light Gaming 2x
Light Gaming 2x Ай мурун
Please make more gta videos
Carla Fernandes
Carla Fernandes Ай мурун
Jose Santos
Jose Santos Ай мурун
my type
Cesar Higuera
Cesar Higuera Ай мурун
I love his reactions
Paul A
Paul A Ай мурун
Demetrius Johan
Demetrius Johan Ай мурун
If anyone needs prayers to be answered or any prayers if you’ve got a back problem or whatever it is comment below any prayers need answered or just prayers
Demetrius Johan
Demetrius Johan Ай мурун
Jesus is alive
Simon Ståhl
Simon Ståhl Ай мурун
Did you know that The henhmen are stronger then wolvorin 😝
Gabriel Valanes (STG)
Gabriel Valanes (STG) Ай мурун
Landen Page
Landen Page Ай мурун
Your my favorite youtuber
Nico Hernandez
Nico Hernandez Ай мурун
I just noticed how much of a bot I am compared to TG 😂
Big Easy
Big Easy Ай мурун
Kor Moore
Kor Moore Ай мурун
Hope is everyone is safe during quartine stay safe one thing I will always think during Covid if we want this to stop let’s think of we not me. STAY SAFE 🙏
Elizabeth Bean
Elizabeth Bean Ай мурун
Play rocket league
Princess Girl
Princess Girl Ай мурун
Melt Ай мурун
1:22:23 why am I laughing
Rocio Arellano Garcia
Rocio Arellano Garcia Ай мурун
Eu sou velho
Mauricio Ponce
Mauricio Ponce Ай мурун
Christina Laws
Christina Laws Ай мурун
Can I please have a skin typical gamer please I supported you in the item shop and subscribed and turned on notifications please
Sharkcruiser10 Ай мурун
2:52:48 did he just swear
Ben Asplund
Ben Asplund Ай мурун
And just saying controller is op I play on controller and a beam people
Ben Asplund
Ben Asplund Ай мурун
Imagine tg switched to controller
Rayyan OMG
Rayyan OMG Ай мурун
I can’t lol
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson Ай мурун
Ronish Babu
Ronish Babu Ай мурун
i liked
Ronish Babu
Ronish Babu Ай мурун
how r u
Ronish Babu
Ronish Babu Ай мурун
hi TG
LEGEND_OF_GOD0_0 Ай мурун
And I am also gonna subscribe you from my second ID
Pandagaming 2266
Pandagaming 2266 Ай мурун
hi typical gamer your the best streamer i have ever watched
Isaac Bechtel
Isaac Bechtel Ай мурун
I love you
RL Ronic
RL Ronic Ай мурун
i usaully watch urstream at night onmy pc while im sleeping or on my phone i love u tg
Onthatile Chamboko
Onthatile Chamboko Ай мурун
Madison Chambers
Madison Chambers Ай мурун
Robbie Sanchez
Robbie Sanchez Ай мурун
Your putting me to sleep
Typical Maurii
Typical Maurii Ай мурун
Let’s goo
Jessica Shannon
Jessica Shannon Ай мурун
Because my birthday is coming up next month
Jessica Shannon
Jessica Shannon Ай мурун
I wold love to have a Fortnite Game play with you and Samira
Karen Van Zyl
Karen Van Zyl Ай мурун
Fortnite Player
Fortnite Player Ай мурун
imagine Typical Gamer following me on insta @Someone_no_one_knows_about
Lina Taha
Lina Taha Ай мурун
Do other dulos with samara vs a hundred stream snipers
little known eggers
little known eggers Ай мурун
The skin look kinda like the red batgirl
Alexander Manoukian
Alexander Manoukian Ай мурун
Me lol
Fame town
Fame town Ай мурун
when will you make GTA V videos again :/
Jb Ай мурун
It changed white
Sycup Ай мурун
Use code: TypicalGamer
Chenena Phillips
Chenena Phillips Ай мурун
we good
Laura Stone
Laura Stone Ай мурун
You did really good I probably can’t do all those dubes
Jasaiah Rokicki
Jasaiah Rokicki Ай мурун
Avengers I ment
Jasaiah Rokicki
Jasaiah Rokicki Ай мурун
Make part 4 of A centers plz I beg of u
Synethia White
Synethia White Ай мурун
Buckle gamer see you don’t help you in the storm you’ve been getting chills for no kind of reason in the storm they don’t help
Leah Halwani
Leah Halwani Ай мурун
United House Publishing
United House Publishing Ай мурун
Faye Nelson
Faye Nelson Ай мурун
And im only 12
Faye Nelson
Faye Nelson Ай мурун
Can some one go follow my twitch @3214tommy im not a big streamer i get 1 viewer every day i stream to help my mom pay her bills
Arai jonathan
Arai jonathan Ай мурун
can you play more bfv?
Jackson Jones
Jackson Jones Ай мурун
im new
azenxy ?????
azenxy ????? Ай мурун
To the people go reads th8s hope ur family stays well and have a good day to day and for 67 more years also can u ready name and help me
Carolyn stokes
Carolyn stokes Ай мурун
Thanks bro
Carolyn stokes
Carolyn stokes Ай мурун
Can I have blade Editking180
Gague Sanders
Gague Sanders Ай мурун
sean kavanaght
sean kavanaght Ай мурун
i used ur code
Emeryflykid Edwards
Emeryflykid Edwards Ай мурун
What’s up everybody it is typical gamer and will you 1v1 me if I win will you give me whatever I want in the item shop here’s my username Emeryflykid913
kuir gayo
kuir gayo Ай мурун
Hi typical gamer your my favourite fortnite streamer I watch all your videos that you post daily and I never fail or forget. But l was was wondering if you were free to play some some games of fortnite on October the 15 I will send you my username if your down.😃😄🤗🗒️📄📃📋📇📑📑
kuir gayo
kuir gayo Ай мурун
And I use ur code
Mcbam 100
Mcbam 100 Ай мурун
Coool looking skins not going to lie
Madi Smith
Madi Smith Ай мурун
Shinjuku I
Anthony Vazquez Ruelas
Anthony Vazquez Ruelas Ай мурун
i like tyipical gamer hes cool
Kordae Cheatham
Kordae Cheatham Ай мурун
Kordae Cheatham
Kordae Cheatham Ай мурун
My epic awesomeskill3
Ruqiya Bilal
Ruqiya Bilal Ай мурун
good Victory ❤️❤️
Curtis Connell
Curtis Connell Ай мурун
my fortnite name curtisconnell123
Nick J Playz
Nick J Playz Ай мурун
I only liked this cuz there's Mipan Zuzuzu in it and that's a fact
spider man
spider man Ай мурун
i think you own the whole fortnite skin store you are buying every skin !!
Brandy Hebert
Brandy Hebert Ай мурун
I don't have v bucks 😭😭
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