Fortnite TOURNAMENT w/ SypherPK & Ranger! (Season 5)

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Typical Gamer

2 ай мурун

New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 winning gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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kendy sumlin
kendy sumlin 4 күн мурун
She. or. He
Rowdy Lowdy
Rowdy Lowdy 7 күн мурун
TG is SO clutch! Definitely the best player on this team. His snipes are nasty! I’ll never understand fighting in storm either. I’ve done it of course but only because someone is attacking me, I’ll prioritize rotation before points every time.
Caleb is a fortnite sweat 7
Caleb is a fortnite sweat 7 9 күн мурун
tg is cracked like justin
Yvonne Kyle
Yvonne Kyle 10 күн мурун
ali Abdul-Rahman
ali Abdul-Rahman 14 күн мурун
hi bro
ali Abdul-Rahman
ali Abdul-Rahman 14 күн мурун
AHMAD ELSHIKH 15 күн мурун
I love your videos and can I have wana see me do my dance pls my name In fortnite is dudi-zuzi and I subscribed your a sweat
Makenzie Naktewa
Makenzie Naktewa 18 күн мурун
Did tg just cuss
controller luke
controller luke 24 күн мурун
I had a 118 points
Lucia Meichtry
Lucia Meichtry 25 күн мурун
Tg playing a tournament: all good and chill . Me playing a tournament: no you dog there is no blue scar , my friend : it’s called that : me : I’m done with you .
Ok then....
Zcede Playz
Zcede Playz 26 күн мурун
typical pls shoutout
Nesta & Kimani
Nesta & Kimani 26 күн мурун
Allegra Koh
Allegra Koh 29 күн мурун
Lim William
Lim William 29 күн мурун
I happy i didn't miss this stream
Jesse Oliver
Jesse Oliver Ай мурун
this vid is ❤️🧡💛💚💙💖
Gage Lastinger
Gage Lastinger Ай мурун
Jael Gomez
Jael Gomez Ай мурун
Chad Kellum
Chad Kellum Ай мурун
Skin you please Mr.
Chad Kellum
Chad Kellum Ай мурун
You please give me a skin
luminious gaming
luminious gaming Ай мурун
U can thank me later btw 12345689:123456789
luminious gaming
luminious gaming Ай мурун
I not work
Marina Petrea
Marina Petrea Ай мурун
Your stream make me super happy
Suleiman Khalid
Suleiman Khalid Ай мурун
Typhical gamer and your follow your pro in the world I swear
Dominic Cucuzzo
Dominic Cucuzzo Ай мурун
Peppah Watson
Peppah Watson Ай мурун
I'm love you
Сергеи Калюта
Сергеи Калюта Ай мурун
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King_ Neymar
King_ Neymar Ай мурун
Me watching this 1month later
ronald raegan
ronald raegan Ай мурун
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NotDaniel Ай мурун
Level 350 good days 😫 season 2
SLICC FILIP 26 күн мурун
Outcxst Ай мурун
BabyObitoWrld Ай мурун
bro why u didnt say bud BUddY BUCKARO
i do
Aaron Nelson
Aaron Nelson Ай мурун
Can I play with you I have been watching you since you started youtube
Echo Universe
Echo Universe Ай мурун
@Albert is cool you act like someone has time to watch his 3 hour streams everyday some longer than that and barely anyone comments on streams that has nothing to do with anything
Albert is cool
Albert is cool Ай мурун
Also if you did start when he started KGpost what season tg start huh?
Albert is cool
Albert is cool Ай мурун
Your not an active fan you commented 2 hours and it streamed like weeks ago so don’t try fooling tg he a god so don’t try
lachlan best 23
lachlan best 23 Ай мурун
people i like your cut g
A W Ай мурун
Christian Arredondo
Christian Arredondo Ай мурун
Meyer Rosen
Meyer Rosen Ай мурун
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Nicolas Escobar
Nicolas Escobar Ай мурун
YT Frosty
YT Frosty Ай мурун
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Jaxson Anderson
Jaxson Anderson Ай мурун
Kimberly Foreman
Kimberly Foreman Ай мурун
Can you do random duos please
Karanveer Kooner
Karanveer Kooner Ай мурун
In the start his level is 222 but gurther towards the game he’s level 278
Monty Manning
Monty Manning Ай мурун
I revised that
Julie Julie
Julie Julie Ай мурун
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Valerie Ortiz
Valerie Ortiz Ай мурун
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Koko Loko
Koko Loko Ай мурун
Jerry Scholten
Jerry Scholten Ай мурун
My tik tok blake_goodboy
Zach Coulson
Zach Coulson Ай мурун
I'm a fan of typical gamer i got white gaming glasses and a typical gamer hoodie i love you typical gamer im your biggest fan keep up the good work i play fortnite i'm using your code you can support me use code Reaper
Jacob MacLean
Jacob MacLean Ай мурун
Taio Roper
Taio Roper Ай мурун
Andre or how ever you spell it popped the med kit at 13:18 minutes he popped it the when the storm was on 10 seconds and his medkit finished when the storm came lol
GG stand that one match was good
Dayhan Jerez
Dayhan Jerez Ай мурун
I love your vids their so good and funny it’s literally 5:06 am and am still watching your vids quick up the great work
Dianne Skeete
Dianne Skeete Ай мурун
Yes I use your code
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman Ай мурун
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Samuel Bryant
Samuel Bryant Ай мурун
I just started to watching you can you help me in fort
Vlogs by Syd
Vlogs by Syd Ай мурун
Hi andre
Ocer Banks
Ocer Banks Ай мурун
Tg can you tell me your settings I just started on pc
Nair Reluz
Nair Reluz Ай мурун
Gamers I love watching your videos
Le Monke
Le Monke Ай мурун
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Sychao Ай мурун
farm sim 100
farm sim 100 Ай мурун
A four hour stream lol
Jamez Fuego
Jamez Fuego Ай мурун
Great 👍
Travon Mickel
Travon Mickel Ай мурун
you got mad skills bruh
Kali Saunders
Kali Saunders Ай мурун
Yea I do
Brenda Thompson
Brenda Thompson Ай мурун
Yo bro we love you
Leonis Franke
Leonis Franke Ай мурун
Love your merch i wish i kood have it
Judel Dobbs
Judel Dobbs Ай мурун
Wana see me do my dance in these thosand doller pants dont disrispect me and my dance boom lot of dollers in my pants boom.
Mini Buergers
Mini Buergers Ай мурун
You are my favorite streamer and I love your video they are awesome and keep up the good work
Lil Cuepac
Lil Cuepac Ай мурун
Look below! Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never gonna make you cry never gonna say goodbye
Aiden Stockton
Aiden Stockton Ай мурун
Got grounded for a week so just now saw this but why does he have two shotguns in one game
Faze Fred here
Faze Fred here Ай мурун
Who wants to be in a video on sat Feb 16 2021
Lucid Zynx
Lucid Zynx Ай мурун
PrimoPrimo20 Ай мурун
Play more ark
PrimoPrimo20 Ай мурун
If you guys are gonna like a comment like this one will try to get this one the most likes
PrimoPrimo20 Ай мурун
Hope you and your family are safe God bless you all
PrimoPrimo20 Ай мурун
I love all of you hop all of you are safe
James Wu
James Wu Ай мурун
You are the best
James Wu
James Wu Ай мурун
midnight _shadow
midnight _shadow Ай мурун
Foarte tare boss de 😄😉😆😉
Amanda Lambrou
Amanda Lambrou Ай мурун
need to help your team more ;) you never helped them in team fights you let them rush and then look around for another team to shoot at haha
I.C Ай мурун
Hi tg
Pooh Pryor
Pooh Pryor 2 ай мурун
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Angel Fernandez
Angel Fernandez 2 ай мурун
Code green the wrap that he wanted but didn’t buy was there
bardom06 live
bardom06 live 2 ай мурун
look at the the level at the start and than look at the level at 10 minutes
luminious gaming
luminious gaming Ай мурун
Zaiden Ross
Zaiden Ross 2 ай мурун
My name is Rossboy06
Zaiden Ross
Zaiden Ross 2 ай мурун
Zaiden Ross
Zaiden Ross 2 ай мурун
Hey can we play duos trommrow
Julio César Reyes
Julio César Reyes 2 ай мурун
Esto es horrible
PrimoPrimo20 Ай мурун
You suck be nicer
Chris Sozio
Chris Sozio 2 ай мурун
hi gt
Laze Riley Pro at fornite
Laze Riley Pro at fornite 2 ай мурун
Love u video
Jeronaldyn Gramatica
Jeronaldyn Gramatica 2 ай мурун
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Patriotsdude7 Gaming
Patriotsdude7 Gaming 2 ай мурун
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Vincenzo Noce
Vincenzo Noce 2 ай мурун
If u ever going to play another game play croosout
LiL_SoSa 2 ай мурун
I saw all the video I didn’t skip it I did anything I just saw it. It was so Awesome😎!
Angel Emilio
Angel Emilio 2 ай мурун
Justin LeBron
Justin LeBron 2 ай мурун
Khadijah Weathers
Khadijah Weathers 2 ай мурун
Bertito360 2 ай мурун
Directo Fortnite recién subido a mi canal. Bertito360
mohamad Shiha
mohamad Shiha 2 ай мурун
Yo tg you was in Lavel 222 know your in Lavel 226
Yuley Glez
Yuley Glez 2 ай мурун
Like this video if you’re from the of gta mods videos by TG “god bless everybody who reads this”
Latosha Jackson
Latosha Jackson 2 ай мурун
Hi I'm 5
Andrew Fling
Andrew Fling 2 ай мурун
gg typical gamer is the best
MermaidXXX 2 ай мурун
honestly sypher's idea for the exposo darts is great! would really amp up the gameplay. I wish they would make an item that would use the sand sinking but a defensive item. maybe you throw the "object" at them and if it hits theyll start sinking and can't move underneath the sand!
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson 2 ай мурун
@MermaidXXX that would be way to OP
MermaidXXX 2 ай мурун
Also if you do get hit and sink all the way under you would die if a teammate can't get to you in time
Xeno 2 ай мурун
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